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neYo was a game I started for my final in a class called Action Games Studio. It started as a pretty simple idea: A platformer where everything you do involves a yoyo. Need to jump? Throw the yoyo at the ground. Can't make it to that platform? Use the yoyo as a grappling hook, etc. It sounded kinda cool, but the implementation would be a whole other ordeal. 

This was the first prototype I made for class, with predefined grapple points and wonky physics

There was a lot about this that was cool, but also a lot wrong with it. The constantly bobbing yoyo felt decent, but didn't really make sense for gameplay, and the fixed grapple points had to go. Oh, it also needed a string. This prototype wasn't much, but it was a start.

The next version came with improvements across the board. I think I deleted the original video file cause I'm an idiot so here's a shitty quality video I posted on twitter:

The core mechanics and physics were in there, they just needed a little polish. After I cleaned stuff up and made a makeshift level, I turned it in for my final (end of 2017).

A couple months later I wanted something to submit to the NYU GameCenter Incubator, so I decided to revisit neYo. Most of this time was spent redesigning the level and adding in art, but man does it make a difference. I was getting pretty sick of that fucking pink box. 

The art was done by my talented friend Isa, and the soundtrack was done a gifted buddy of mine Connor. You should check em out.

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, neYo did not make the incubator. It just wasn't far enough in the development for it to be a commercially viable project, along with a slew of other gameplay issues I was started to run into. I'm going to finish it, but I need to let it sit for a while before I revisit it. 

If you want to play it, there's a downloadable demo here.